Why this year?

Why this year?

Why come to The Amateur Scientist (TAS)? Why spend a perfectly good Saturday coming to PES and attending a fest? Why do it? Why this year?

Well here is why you should be at TAS 2019.

This year we have 14 exciting events that will capture your imagination and propel you to the next generation!

This year our Science Exhibition will showcase the most cutting edge in science and technology.

This year our robotics contest ‘Bot ‘n’ Brawl’ will challenge every aspect of your robotics skill, with twisted mazes and terrifying surprises.

This year we take you back in time, with our murder mystery event.

This year we challenge every aspect of you of your computer skills, from cryptography, to machine learning to the ever famous Code Wars!

This year we take communication to new depths, see of you can talk your way to the right side of the Debate and out of the Shark Tank.

This year we test your mechanical mastery and artistic creativity with Junk Yard Showdown and Eclipse.

This year we take you on an adventure to Treasure Island.

This year combine robots and light at our Workshop.

This year our Quiz rises to new heights, answer questions to see if you can make it to the top.

This year leave certified in cyber security, photography or entrepreneurship.

This year join us at The Amateur Scientist 2019!