The Little Scientist

The Little Scientist

The Science Exhibition has always been an iconic event. It’s the main reason The Amateur Scientist even exists. But unlike preceding years, this year, our Core for the Science Expo, Niharika wants to do something different. She does not want it to be “just another Science Expo” or “just another platform” for students to display their projects. She truly wants to inspire the students participating in this event.

When asked what her vision for this year’s ScienceExpo is, she replied with the following, “I want to be able to introduce students to the marvels of science and encourage them to unleash the mad scientist within by bringing to fruition their ideas as prototypes.”

This truly does capture the essence of what a Science Exhibition should be about. Inspiring students; to come up with amazing and outlandish ideas, through actual hands on practice. By the end of the event, she said that, she wanted, “all participants to be able to appreciate the different concepts of science and technology displayed and to leave with a sense of intrigue about the world of engineering.”

But besides just inspiring students about the wonders of science and engineering, her primary objective is to make sure the students attending the Science Expo have fun and that all of their ideas are appreciated with the respect they deserve. She ended by saying, “I want the Science Expo to be a fun, learning experience for all participants and make sure they feel that their ideas and the hard work put in to transform those ideas into working prototypes is appreciated.”

So rest be assured to all those attending the Science Expo, your projects are in good hands, and will get the appreciation they deserve. Insuring that you leave inspired after having a fun day at the Science Exhibition.