The Amateur Scientist- Inspiring Tomorrow To Innovate Today

The Amateur Scientist- Inspiring Tomorrow To Innovate Today

Innovate, invent and inspire. PES University hosts its annual one day science fest, “The Amateur Scientist” on the 24th of August, 2019. This year marks the seventh edition of the free and open fest, allowing any student from class 8 through 12 th to have a free platform to present their ideas and creations. This platform allows students to come face to face with the leads in the industry, and exposes them to great minds that could help take their idea to the next level. In the past, PES has succeeded in connecting students with professionals like Mr. N R Narayana Murthy.

The platform has inspired truly ground breaking ideas out of the students that attended. For example in 2017 students from NPS created a prototype for a false eye for the visually impaired. TAS has also seen innovations that change the way we travel, where students from LFPS, came up with a road smoothness detector, to find potholes even Google cannot see.

But The Amateur Scientist(TAS) does not just stop at providing a platform for students, its primary goal is to introduce science in a new and fun way. Giving students a hands on approach to science. And TAS does this by using other events like debate and quiz contests, hack-a- tons and even treasure hunts. All these events have their roots based in science themed topics. Allowing students to discuss complex scientific issues in a more approachable and friendly manner. This has lead to the fest having over 7,000 students from 22 different cities all across India, becoming South India’s largest science fest for high school students.

This year, PES intends on making the fest even bigger, to broaden the impact it has on students and science. By aiming to get over 10,000 students from 30 different cities participating across 14 versatile events; TAS 2019 is sure to be India’s largest and most diverse high school science fest. TAS has introduced several new facets to its already divers plethora of events. The first of which is the mini certification program; a program set where students can earn a certificate in entrepreneurship, photography or cyber security. The second is the introduction of an all day Machine learning workshop, to help shed some light on the latest in technology and code. TAS has also introduced a workshop on electronics and RF based remote controlled bots that takes place 2 times during the one day fest.

To add to all the excitement, TAS ’19 has cryptography events (The Enigma), mystery events (Scotland yard), a mechanical building contest (Junkyard Showdown), an art event that requires the manipulation of shadows ( Eclipse ) and a business event (Shark Tank). The yearly robotics event, “ Bot ‘n’ Brawl” requires students to build a car and have their bots battle it out in carefully constructed mazes and terrains.

PES has stopped at nothing and has spared no expense in trying to make science more accessible and liked by high school students across India. Bringing back a student’s love for science. Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders and scientists to help innovate today.