Are you the kind of person who can figure out who the killer is before the show ends? Help solve the murder of Dr. Von Blake. Find clues and interrogate suspects, living out all your Sherlock Holmes dreams.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Teams are all originally placed in one zone where they are required to find to clues,regarding the “murder “.
2. Teams are also permitted to interview suspects based on “probable cause”.
3. Probable cause- teams must find the appropriate clue in order to get permission to interview said suspect.
4. Teams must come back to the organizers “head detectives “, to receive permission to interview the suspect, based on the clue they found. (The “probable cause ” document)
5. The first team to identify the correct suspect, will be declared the winner.
6. Once inside the zone, teams will not be permitted to leave. (There will be restrooms in the zone)
7. Leaving the zone, results in disqualification.


Winners : Rs 3,000
Runners up: Rs 2,000

Team Members:

2 members




3 hours

For more Info Please Contact:

Sanjna: +91 98450 68320