Winners :Rs. 5,000
Runners Up :Rs. 3,000

Team Members:

Upto 3 members


Students must design the bot according to the specifications mentioned below:

  • Length: 130-170 mm
  • Width: 130-170 mm
  • Distance of base from ground: 20-60 mm
  • Weight: 300-1200 g

1. Teams not abiding by the specifications will be eliminated by default
2. RFID scanner attachments will be provided for the bot, no separate attachments would be needed for picking up the keys and flags.
3. Weapon attachments which may damage the opponent bots are strictly prohibited.

For more Info Please Contact:

Arka: +91 9591616913


Ever been nuts and bolts about technology? Think you’ve got in you what it takes to design bots?
Get ready to charge your cerebral cortex and amplify your senses to join the biggest bot constructing army and challenge your fellow competitors to see if you can beat them all!

Preliminary Round – Maze Runner

The participants will have to navigate their bots through a confusing maze under gruelling pressure and collect a key present within the maze which unlocks a door to make their exit from the maze

Rules and regulations:

  • Time limit- 3 min
  • The participant gets only one chance
  • Once the time limit gets over, the participant must leave the maze.
  • The score will be decided based on the amount of time taken by the participant i.e lesser the time taken to finish the maze, more points earned
  • Top 32 teams will qualify for the finals.

Final Round – Capture the Flag

The participant will face off against 3 other challengers in an obstacle filled arena. The objective of the player is to find and bring back their colour flag back to their own base in the shortest amount of time.

Rules and regulations:

  • There can be only 4 challengers in the arena at a time.
  • The participant gets only one chance
  • The participant can push, block the path of other challengers.
  • The maximum time limit for each match is 6 minutes
  • In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, each player has to get their own flag back to their base.
  • The final showdown will consist of a common flag amongst 4 players.The player that brings the flag back to their base first wins.


Wish to take part in Bot N Brawl? Need a guide on building your first RC bot? Don’t have any hands-on experience? Well, look no further!

Here’s our RC bot tutorial video by our event core, Arkaprovo Ghosh that explains the ABC’s of building your own bot in no time. Given below are the links mentioned in the video.

Download the codes for the bot and controller:…

Download the Arduino IDE needed to run the above codes: