The genius inventor with crazy contorted ideas; can you turn cardboard into bookshelves, make timers out of marble and string? See if you have the mechanical mastery of using everyday objects to do something extraordinary.

Preliminary round:

Break a leg(Not the egg) – The egg protector contraption
A contest becomes a challenge if and only if you have incentive. Or in this case, a strong dislike for raw eggs. Because in the prelims of this event, you have just one challenge – Bring out your creativity and intuition to use an egg in a contraption that performs a decided task. So, Use the Egg, and Do not break it.

Final round:

For the finals, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and put on your extra large thinking caps! The key to winning this contest- make best use of your assets- your time, your brain, yourselves, and of course, the mystery item!
Here you have two hundred and forty minutes to come up with a working Goldberg machine which performs any one among three pre-determined tasks and must include the given mystery item.
This is your chance to Think, Plan, Build, and most importantly, feel accomplished when your complex contraption effectively performs simplicity.

Rules and Regulations:

For preliminary round:
1.Bring basic item don’t bring pre-built stuff.
2.Shouldn’t cross 30secs.
3.Egg- you’ll be provided with only one.
4.Only 2 attempts to showcase your system.
It is based on duration of system and complexity
Displacement of egg from the cup
For final round:
1.Only mystery items will be provided.
2.The system must contain the mystery item and should accomplish the task the mystery
item provides.
3.Teams must bring their own items.
4.No electrical/electronic/pre-built components will be allowed/provided.


Winners: Rs 3000
Runners Up: Rs 2000

Team Members:

3-4 members


Participants need to get their own materials for both the rounds.

For more Info Please Contact:

Ankita: +91 9739174248