Haven’t you always wanted a computer to do your homework? Solve that algebra problem by itself? Join us and we will teach you how to make your computer work for you, so that you don’t have to.

Rules and Regulations:

This is a noncompetitive event and comprises of three stages:
1) 15 minutes of introduction
2) 45 minutes of demo and training
3) 90 minutes of performing tasks
The introduction given by speaker will cover a basic understanding and application of machine learning.
Demo and training examples section will comprise of speaker teaching the attendees about basic machine learning algorithms and their applications. Text and images would be fed to a pre-existing algorithm to study and infer the behavior of the algorithm in response.
Third stage is for experiential learning. Attendees will be required to perform a task based off the inferences drawn using existing model which will be trained via text and images by the attendees.

Team Members:

2 members


Participants must have one laptop (with webcam) per team

For more Info Please Contact:

Neha: +91 9380020556