You have one speech to prove that you are undoubtedly right, construct the perfect argument and leave your opponent in shambles. Put your debate skills to the test, and see if you have what it takes to be the last debater standing!


1.Teams of 2; opening and closing speaker.
2.Each speaker has 2 mins to speak, giving the team a total time period of 4 mins; this includes rebuttals.
3.Teams will have 8 mins of preparation time once they receive their topic.
4.There will be no points of information during the prelims.


1. The 8 best teams will compete against each other in 5 separate rounds.
2. Speaking time will remain the same(2 + 2).
3. 2 points of information will be allowed during a speakers speech. (POI(point of information) is a question posed by the other teams to the person speaking. It is up to the person speaking as to whether or not they would like to accept the question)

Rules and Regulations:

1.Teams are not allowed to use the internet during prep time.
2.Teams may have a reference sheet while speaking.
3.Teams are not allowed to interrupt a speaker during their speech.
4. POI’s (Points of Information) will only be entertained during the finals.
5.The team must consist of participants from the same school/college.
Cross-school/cross-college teams are NOT allowed.


Winners: Rs 3,000
Runners up: Rs 2,000

Team Members:

2 members


None (Show up and have fun)

For more Info Please Contact:

Sanjna: +91 9845068320