Think you’re a comp wiz? Solve any problem with a few lines of code?
Put your skills to test, and see if you have the best solutions… or if you can even come up with a solution.

Preliminary Round:

Participants will have to work out 30 questions in 1 hour, based on any programming language of their choice (C, C++, Java, Python). Questions will range from MCQ’s to filling in code snippets. This is a pen and paper round.

Final Round:

Top 50 teams will make it to the finals. They will be given a problem set which they have to complete in 2 and half hours. Top 3 teams win.


  1. Teams will not be allowed to use the internet.
  2. No extra time will be allotted.
  3. Points will be awarded based on execution time and questions answered correctly


Winners:Rs. 5000
Runners Up:Rs. 3000

Team Members:

2-3 members



For more Info Please Contact:

Aditeya: +91 9686041205