1. Heads Up:

TAS’19 brings to you the quintessential Ellen game, only this time it’s science themed.
*Disclaimer: Flashcards, not phones will be provided

2. Hook Toss:

Think you have a good aim? Try your luck with our new game and who knows, you might just get hooked onto it

3. Bob the Builder:

Who doesn’t like to eat marshmallows? Do you think you can balance
one, though? Here’s a chance to flex your design muscles by building a structure with spaghetti sticks that can balance a marshmallow.

4. Mastering Monoliths:

Have what it takes to build a magnificent pyramid in a given time frame? Show us how well you work under pressure!

5. Magic:

Weren’t we all disappointed that we didn’t receive a letter at our 11th birthday? Well, hold onto your magic hats as here’s TAS’19 bringing Hogwarts to you!

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