Competitive Computing

Competitive Computing

Computers. Programming. The internet. These are things that are changing our world today. They will act as the bedrock for any product, idea, or system to come in the future. We now have millions and millions of programmers. Some even say that you are not employable unless you know how to code.

But can you code well? Is the question Aditeya, head of code wars hopes to answer. “I want this event to be a competitive coding event which involves a few hundred teams from across the country and see how they fare with the best of the best.”

He, an experienced programmer himself understands the intricacies of a competitive coding environment. “I hope to help them develop their problem solving abilities and logical analysis and thinking along with time management and efficient planning.”, is what he replies with when asked what students should take away from this environment.

We asked him how he plans on setting up such and environment, “ The prelims will test students based on syntax and programming constructs to filter out the top 50 for the finals, which will time the students against 20 questions.”

A daunting task indeed. Prepare to have your abilities as a programmer tested in every way possible when you take part in Code Wars!